Corporate Website: What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

Experienced in the field of Antalya corporate web design and custom software solutions, Bidy Digital stands out with its experienced team and effective projects. In this content, we will discuss all the information you are curious about regarding corporate web design.

Now, let’s delve into points such as what a corporate website is, its basic features, the advantages it provides to a brand, or how a corporate website is designed:

Corporate web design requires careful planning, design, and implementation to reflect a company’s brand image, products, and services in the best possible way. Among the important information to add value to the company’s digital presence are the items we will explain now:

User-Friendly Design: It is crucial for the website to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users should be able to easily access the information they need and find products and services tailored to their needs while navigating the website.

Responsive Design: Responsive design ensures that the website is displayed properly on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.). Since the use of mobile devices is increasing, it is important for the website to be displayed well on mobile devices as well.

Brand Consistency: The website should be consistent with the brand identity of the company. Using brand elements such as logo, colors, typography on the website strengthens the brand image.

SEO-Friendly Design: Designing the website to be SEO-friendly ensures that the company ranks higher in search engine results. Elements such as the website’s content, titles, meta descriptions being SEO-friendly help the website to obtain organic traffic.

Security: The security of the website is important for the protection of user and company data. The use of SSL certificates allows users to access the website securely.

Fast Loading: Fast loading of the website reduces user abandonment rates and encourages them to spend more time on the site. Therefore, the website needs to be designed in an optimized way.

Analysis: Analyzing the website helps the company make strategic decisions using the data obtained through the website. Therefore, analytics tools should be used on the website, and the data obtained should be regularly reviewed.

What Is a Corporate Website?

What does a corporate website mean? In the clearest terms, a corporate website and design are a website created by a company or business to promote its products, services, and brand.

These types of websites typically include pages that provide information about the company’s history, services, references, contact information, and generally the identity of the company.

Corporate websites help businesses interact with their customers and potential customers and strengthen the company’s online presence. Also, they are indispensable in current trade policies as they can be used as a marketing tool targeting the company’s audience.

What Is the Purpose of a Corporate Website?

What advantages does creating a corporate website provide you with?

Establishing the quality of your business identity on a solid foundation is possible with a website adapted to the latest technology. A corporate website is the showcase of a company or organization on the Internet.

Businesses can introduce their products and services, interact with customers, conduct marketing activities, provide information about the business, and strengthen their online presence through their websites.

Corporate websites are an important tool to increase the reputation and brand awareness of a business. A website designed to reflect the corporate identity of the company can help customers build trust in the company.

One of its most significant advantages, a corporate website can increase the online visibility of a brand by working together with other marketing channels and facilitate access for potential customers to your site. Additionally, through your website, you can communicate with your customers, answer their questions, and receive feedback.

In summary:

A corporate website is an important tool for strengthening your business’s online presence and interacting more with your customers.

What Are the Gains with Bidy Digital Web & Mobile Site Services?

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How Is Corporate Web Design Done?

The design process should be done with well-planned project management. The web design process generally consists of the following steps:

1) Planning

The first step of the design process is to create a plan considering the goals of your business, your target audience, your industry, and similar factors.

2) Design Samples

After the planning stage, design samples are created. These samples are designed according to the goals and target audience of your business and presented to the approval of your business.

3) Content Creation

After the design samples are approved, content is prepared for the website. This content is written to meet the needs of users and in compliance with SEO rules.

4) Development

After the content is ready, the website development process begins. During this process, design samples are coded using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

5) Testing and Publishing

After the website is developed, it is tested and published after the approval of the business. After the site is published, it is regularly tested and updated.

Designing a corporate website is an important part of creating a professional business website.

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can design a website suitable for your business and have a website that reflects your corporate identity.

However, after these stages, there are some key points to consider when preparing a corporate website. Let’s now explain these important details for you:

6 Tips to Consider When Creating a Corporate Website

Creating a corporate website requires considering many different factors if advantageous results are desired in the long run. Allocating budget and time for web design is an important step; however, experienced team and well-thought-out design strategies are essential. All details in the design process must be handled with meticulousness.



Target audience,

And factors such as your industry play an important role in the design process.

In our content, as Bidy Digital’s experienced web design team, we have compiled the most important factors to consider when creating a corporate website:

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1) Your Business Goals and Target Audience

The design of your corporate website should be aligned with your business goals and target audience. Therefore, first, you should determine your goals and target audience. Then, you can tailor the design to these goals and target audience.

2) User Experience (UX)

A corporate website should meet the needs of users and be user-friendly. Therefore, the design should make it easy for users to use your site comfortably. User experience (UX) design can be supported by user tests, surveys, and user research to understand how users use your site.

3) Corporate Identity of Your Brand

Your corporate website should reflect your brand’s corporate identity. The design should use brand elements such as your brand’s colors, logo, and similar elements to reflect your brand’s uniqueness.

4) Mobile Compatibility

Today, people access websites using mobile devices. Therefore, the design of your corporate website is also important in terms of mobile compatibility. Designing your site to be easily usable on mobile devices will enhance the user experience.

5) Creative Content & User-Friendly Information

As important as the design of your corporate website is its content. The content on your site should meet the needs of users and use an explanatory language that explains why users should

visit your site.

6) Planned & Regular SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization)

Your corporate website should be easily found on search engines. Therefore, the design of your site should be SEO-friendly and indexable by search engines.

7 Key Features That Must Be Present on a Corporate Content Website

A corporate content website is an important tool for a business to communicate with its target audience and obtain information about the business. The key elements that must be present on a corporate content website are as follows:

1) About Us Page

This page is used to introduce the company’s history, mission, vision, values, and team.

Bidy Software About Us

2) Products and Services Page

It is a page where the products and services offered by the company are introduced. On this page, the features and benefits of the products should be explained in detail.

Bidy Software Our Services

3) References Page

It is a page where references from customers who have previously worked with the company are included. This page shows potential customers how reliable the company is.

Bidy Software References

4) Blog Page

It is a page where articles, news, and informative content about the industry are shared. This page increases the authority of the business and helps potential customers learn more about the expertise of the business.

Bidy Software Blog

5) Contact Page

It is a page where the company’s address, phone number, email address, and other contact information are included. This page allows potential customers to easily communicate with the company.

6) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

It is a page where frequently asked questions about the company’s products and services are answered. This page helps potential customers learn more about the business.

7) Business Social Media Accounts

By linking to the company’s social media accounts, potential customers can learn more about the company and interact with the company.

In addition to these key elements, different pages and content can be added according to the needs of the business. However, the key elements that must be present on a corporate content website are the ones mentioned above.”