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Special Package Programs For You

Developed from start to finish in line with your needs and demands, the software is always ready to meet your needs in the most practical way. In cases where you cannot find the exact value of your job and expectations in the market, we are with you with package programs! We offer you the most accurate options with ready-made, non-memorial methods designed just for you to fulfill your needs.

Integrated Solutions For All Your Systems​

Don’t let your new software break your current order. We develop integrated solutions for your applications that you gain business advantage and enjoy using, and we do not harm your flow. Compatible with your existing systems; At the same time, by integrating modern and advanced solutions, we save you time and ensure sustainability in the long term. Thus, we strengthen your adaptation to the new system without making major changes to the existing software.

Supplier Integrations

We ensure that your suppliers, who offer services with different interfaces, are fully integrated with your new systems. It is possible to take your e-commerce system one step ahead with our XML marketplace integration service from a single source by maintaining concentration in product sales and supply. In addition, we offer permanent and original solutions that make a difference with supplier integration, which accelerates the stock-free e-commerce dropshipping process.

Bank and Payment Integrations​

You can receive payments at any time with domestic or international bank and payment system integrations. Thanks to virtual payment integrations compatible with bank systems, your accounts are safe on the digital platform! Our bank integration service has been improved with fast transactions and up-to-date payment methods. All your accounting operations are ready to be presented to you in a practical way under one roof without the need for different resources.

Commercial Integrations​

We integrate with your current account, accounting and back office software such as Logo, Netsis, Mikro, Paraşüt. With practical solutions, we optimize e-commerce integrations with the most suitable method for the latest system requirements. Our integration system, which will contribute to the commercial identity of your website where you buy and sell products, offers easy use. We activate the marketplace integration without changing your software.

ERP Integrations

We offer practical solutions that will work synchronously with your ERP software and enable you to maintain workflows more easily. Thanks to our most advantageous erp integration service in enterprise resource planning, we can implement a fast and fluent business plan at all stages such as supply chain, purchasing, accounting, stock, and production. Save labor and time with product stock status that you can manage on a single panel!


Custom software refers to software applications developed specifically for the needs of a particular organization or business.

Custom software can be used to optimize business processes, respond to specific needs and provide competitive advantage.

It is a process that includes analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and ongoing maintenance phases.

Custom software provides many benefits such as being suitable for specific needs, security and scalability advantages.

Software analysis is important to understand customer requirements and design the right solution.

Data encryption is ensured by taking precautions such as strong authentication, firewalls, and regular security audits.

Software maintenance is important for fixing bugs, making updates, and optimizing performance.

Customer engagement is critical for accurate requirements understanding and rapid adaptation to changing needs.

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