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Corporate Hosting

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Corporate Hosting

We provide your technological infrastructure such as Domain, Hosting, Server. If you wish, we carry out the administrative and technical follow-up of your inventory held by other companies on your behalf. With a single invoice at the end of the month, we perform all hosting auditing services from only one source with our experienced team.

Hosting Services

From the beginning, your website takes the first step into the digital platform; We provide all internet protocol follow-ups such as hosting and domain, which are needed step by step in the developing process. With the reference of our happy customer family, your website hosting services are in the hands of experienced team! SSL certified, security guaranteed, uninterrupted and highly equipped hosting and domain service are waiting for you with advantageous prices. Leave us your technological inventory that you are trying to follow, focus on your business and enjoy easy installation!

Corporate Hosting

Your web pages are your doors to the world. Take advantage of our high-performance web hosting to keep these doors open. Host your site with our Windows and Linux hosting packages. Get all the equipment with the corporate hosting service where your website can provide stable growth on the online platform! is waiting for you with its experienced team, with advantageous price opportunities, strong security infrastructure and corporate web hosting service that especially addresses the needs of SMEs!

Corporate Mail

Experience fast and uninterrupted e-mail with our corporate mail hosting service. Enjoy a privileged experience with our mobile phones and mail services with outlook support and webmail interface. If our hosting service is not sufficient or you need an independent solution, you can rent a dedicated mail server and increase your performance. Corporate mail accounts, mail opening and closing procedures of the personnel who log in and out are followed by us. Say goodbye to spam, virus and unwanted mail forever with our corporate mail hosting service!

Server Rental

You can benefit from our server rental services for both your sectoral software and web and e-mail solutions. Stop using shared servers with a dedicated server rental service., the server rental service designed entirely for the needs and demands of the tenants, is waiting for you in server rental solutions!

Consulting Management

Leave us your technological inventory that you are trying to follow, you focus on your business! Enjoy the system that goes smoothly and easily within the management panel of your website with the management consultancy service! Take advantage of website management consultancy service to perform professional work on your website and to get ahead of your competitors in the online world!

Administrative Management

Do you not have sufficient technical personnel or infrastructure? Are you tracking your hosting and domains yourself? Let us manage the services, you run your company. Have your bills paid by your accounting department at the end of the month.

Technical Management

Tired of companies that do their technical management planning slowly? Do you spend a lot of effort to solve your technical problems? Do you have more than one interlocutor? Then let us manage all the technical tools of your website, save your time. As’s fast and agile team, we demonstrate our competence in all technical controls. Can work current with technical management service; At the end of the month, you can get rid of other details with a single invoice. Our aim is to enable you to benefit from all website service tools from a single source; moreover, with affordable prices, experienced team and safe guaranteed solutions!


Corporate internet services are private internet connections that enable businesses to have high-speed and reliable internet access and servers.

Benefits include high speed, reliability, dedicated  connections, servers with high storage, better customer support and extensive management consulting.

Each server has an independent operating system and resources. In addition to using Physical and Virtual Servers, we provide support for VDS, Cloud and Corporate Servers.

A physical server is a hardware-level device; A virtual server is a virtual machine running on a physical server.

Traditional servers are hardware-based systems that are usually physically installed and maintained locally. Cloud servers, on the other hand, include services that run in virtual environments and are accessed over the internet. The cloud provides a scalable and cost-effective solution with a pay-as-you-go model.

Server maintenance includes software updates, hardware testing, performance monitoring and regular backup processes.

Servers can be scaled by adding more processors, memory, or storage. Cloud servers can be automatically scaled as needed.

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