Software Maintenance Agreements

Software Maintenance Agreements

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Bidy Software Software Maintenance Agreements service covers the necessary maintenance work for software errors that may occur on the website, mobile application and all your special hardware and devices.

Thanks to the software maintenance service offered by our experienced team, we are at your side against all software-oriented technical problems you encounter. You will definitely be protected from the risks of costly repairs that may occur with the software maintenance solutions you need.

Enjoy functional and highly usable software solutions thanks to constant monitoring of new software-based versions and updates! Software maintenance agreements service is always with you with the assurance of Bidy Software.

So, what services do you benefit from within the Bidy Software software maintenance agreement? We have compiled what you are wondering about the software maintenance agreement in its clearest form, just for you:

What is Software Maintenance?

Software maintenance is the process that includes all regular or event-based activities carried out to ensure the operation of the software in a planned or unplanned manner.

This process is carried out for purposes such as solving problems related to the environment, platform, device or hardware on which the software runs, providing updates, improving performance, fixing errors, improving the quality of the software, and improving usability.

How to Maintain Software?

Software maintenance is generally implemented in three different ways:

1- Corrective Maintenance​

This type of maintenance is done to fix bugs or defects of the software. When an error or defect is detected in the software, the problem is resolved by performing corrective maintenance.

2- Preventive Maintenance​

This type of maintenance is done to ensure proper functioning of the software. Preventive maintenance is performed at regular intervals and aims to improve the performance and availability of the software.

3- Upgrade Maintenance​

This type of maintenance is done to upgrade the current version of the software to a new version. The new version may contain new features, updates or performance improvements.

Why is Software Maintenance Agreement Important and Necessary?

Software maintenance is an important process throughout the life of the software and is essential for its security, stability and usability.

It is also important to reduce the costs of the software; because software that is not properly maintained will malfunction more frequently and can be costly because it needs to be repaired more often.

Advantages of Bidy Software Software Maintenance Agreement

Software maintenance is the regular maintenance activities performed to maintain the operation of a software, improve it, fix problems and provide updates.

Software maintenance provides many benefits:

  • Improved performance: Software maintenance helps software perform better. Maintenance activities can increase the speed of the software and make it make fewer errors.
  • Security: Software maintenance is used to detect and close vulnerabilities in software. This makes the software more secure and protects against potential security threats.
  • Resolving issues faster: Software maintenance helps resolve issues faster. Maintenance activities make it possible to detect problems early and provide solutions.
  • New features: Software maintenance is used to add new features. This makes the software more functional and gives users a better experience.
  • Compatibility: Software maintenance ensures that software is compatible with new technologies and other software. This allows the software to be used over a longer period of time.
  • Cost savings: Software maintenance ensures that software lasts longer and has fewer problems. This provides less costly use and allows improving existing software instead of purchasing new software.

All these advantages emphasize the importance and necessity of software maintenance. Contact us for your best Software Maintenance Agreement offer!


A software maintenance agreement is an agreement to continuously update, improve and solve problems with a software.

A software maintenance agreement is important to ensure the security, performance and compatibility of the software, fix bugs and add new features.

The maintenance agreement period may vary depending on the complexity of the software, needs and frequency of use. Annual contracts are generally preferred.

The software maintenance agreement can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer. Specific services, processes and priorities can be determined.

Software maintenance should be planned within a specific schedule. Updates and regular maintenance periods should be determined.

Emergency response is a priority technical support service that ensures rapid intervention when unexpected errors or problems occur.

The maintenance agreement period may vary depending on the complexity of the software, needs and frequency of use. Annual contracts are generally preferred.

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