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Functional, Visionary, SEO Compatible

We design websites that can fully represent you on the internet and reflect your vision.

We create sites that are friendly to both users and search engines. We produce solutions with high user experience, SEO compatible and fully manageable. Instead of ready-made software like WordPress, we produce new software solutions completely tailored to your demands and identity. Our aim is to produce brand new designs that are absolutely customer focused!

Responsive Web Sites

Even televisions are getting on the internet today! We design user-friendly sites that work flawlessly with all screen sizes. We are ahead of your competitors with the management panel, multi-language support and advanced SEO parameters. We are at your service with responsive design websites that can have a smooth and fully functioning appearance on both mobile screens and desktop computer screens!

Cihaz Uyumları

In cases where responsive solutions are insufficient, we reach users with your faster and optimized content.

E-Commerce Systems

Are you trying to sell your well-priced supply or the products in your warehouse using traditional methods? Let’s turn your current benefit into profit. We are here for high performance e-commerce solutions. Our e-commerce systems service, which enables multiple payment methods, takes your virtual sales platform beyond your competitors. We offer a secure online marketing space for both your customers and you.

Corporate Websites

A well-planned website is the only and essential tool for you to reflect your organization, team and vision directly and quickly to your visitors. We carry your principles, which summarize your working policy, and your corporate identity to the world of online competition with high brand awareness, and we design modern and user-friendly websites completely tailored to your needs. Thanks to the strategic working system of our team, we ensure that you are ahead of your competitors in search engines.

Online Reservation Systems

Boutique hotel, camping area, travel agency, transfer or tour service, online reservation system that can cover all companies that provide car rental, a perfect working and all details are waiting for you with our service! Start taking your reservations online for any business that will require a reservation process. Define your seasonal prices, simplify reservation processes and enjoy time-saving reservation solutions for your guests…

Online Appointment Systems​

The online appointment system for all businesses such as dental clinic, private doctor’s office, dietitian, beauty center, SPA, hairdresser, nail studio, aesthetic center, massage parlor, dance studio, gym, therapy center is with you with the privilege of Bidy! The online appointment system, where your customers can easily access your online calendar and working hours 7 days and 24 hours, has been carefully developed by our professional team! Experience our online appointment system service for your perfectly functioning agenda between your customers and your business.


Responsive web design is a design approach that allows a website to be viewed in a compatible and user-friendly way on different devices (computers, tablets, smartphones).

Responsive design improves user experience by adapting to different screen sizes, increases SEO performance and targets mobile users.

Mobil uyumlu tasarım, genellikle ayrı bir mobil sürüm içerirken, responsive tasarım tek bir tasarımı tüm cihazlara uyarlar.

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the project, details of the design and development process.

Mobile-first design is the philosophy of focusing on mobile devices first and then adapting them to large screens.

Using high-resolution images, choosing vector graphics, and loading media queries and appropriate style files can increase retina display compatibility.

User tests are important to evaluate whether the responsive design is user-friendly by performing it on different devices and browsers.

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