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Antalya is a Mediterranean city located in the southwest of Turkey and has a significant potential for the software industry in recent years.

Antalya software sector has developed rapidly, especially in the last few years. There are many software companies in the city, and most of these companies focus on the tourism and service sector. Additionally, Antalya universities provide software training.

Among the software companies in Antalya, there are those operating in areas such as web and mobile application development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, internet of things (IoT) and cyber security. In fact, some of these companies are among the leading companies in Turkey.

In addition to the universities located in the city, the city’s touristic potential also has a great impact on Antalya’s growth in the software sector. The tourism sector has accelerated the digital transformation of many businesses in Antalya, which has provided business opportunities for software companies.

For example, there are many software companies in Antalya Teknokent, and many of these companies serve domestic and international customers. With the increasing interest and investments in the software sector in Antalya, employment and technological development in the sector is also rapidly increasing.

As a result, Antalya’s software industry is developing rapidly and has great potential in the future.

Get Ready to Join the Antalya Digital World with Bidy Software Special Software Solutions!

Founded in Antalya in 2020 with the aim of high customer satisfaction, Bidy Software produces special software solution formulas that you can use in the digital world on a sectoral basis, especially in Antalya center and throughout Turkey.

Combining 2 main elements such as customer satisfaction and technical competence, Bidy Software aims to be your digital solution partner with its special software solutions.

Understanding very well that the path to success in the Antalya software industry is through the following steps, Bidy Software offers precise and high performance by producing brand new customer-specific software solutions instead of ready-made packaged software clichés.

  • happy customer
  • happy staff
  • happy brand

Bidy Software Antalya Special Software Solutions

Brand new, completely customer-specific, custom software solutions tailored to demand and need are in safe hands with Bidy Software, a young and dynamic initiative based in Antalya! Software solutions that can be integrated into all your systems are ready to offer you package programs created from scratch within the borders of Antalya!

Tips that make Bidy stand out among Antalya software companies with its special software solutions:

Projects delivered on time.
High performance software.
Experienced and determined team.
A solid strategy specific to demand and need.
Permanent plans that overwhelm competitors.

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Bidy Software Antalya Mobile Application Development Service​

Old-school Antalya software companies that produce outdated and cliché ideas are becoming history! Bidy Software Antalya continues to make a difference in the software world with its mobile application development service.

Mobile application development service competencies compatible with all operating systems are as follows:

Native application
hybrid application
React Native

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Bidy Software Antalya UI & UX Design Service​

With its UI and UX design service, which we can define as user experience design, Bidy Software offers solutions that increase the quality of user experience.

The best benefits you will get by purchasing UI & UX design services:

The quality of the target user experience.
Quality visual & user-friendly interface design.
Functional solutions for the user’s needs.
Design formulas that increase brand reputation & customer loyalty.


Bidy Software Antalya Software Maintenance Agreements

Are you ready to lay a solid foundation in two basic branches of digital existence: website and mobile application? To take your place in the Antalya software world, the software maintenance & support contract is here with the assurance of Bidy Software!

With software maintenance agreements, you will naturally gain the following advantages for your institution or brand:

Brand-specific formulas that increase software quality.
Instant solution to technical problems of the website and all hardware.
Updates and system monitoring at regular intervals.
Corrective maintenance that increases availability.
Software solutions compatible with other technologies.
Precautionary formulas that close security gaps.

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If You Are a Local Brand in Antalya, The Secret to Rising to the Top in E-Commerce Competition: Custom Software Solutions

As the importance of custom software in business, custom software solutions help manage business transactions efficiently and reliably. Custom software ensures business transactions occur quickly and accurately and produce measurable results. Special software ensures that commercial transactions are managed effectively and errors that may occur during any process are prevented.

Software has an important role for brands in today’s business world. There are a few factors brands need to consider regarding software:

Steady Growth and Productivity

The software enables the automation of many business processes. In this way, brands reduce errors in business processes, save time and become more efficient.

Regular & Detailed Data Analysis

Software helps brands analyze and process data about their customers. In this way, brands can better understand their customers’ behaviors and needs and offer them customized services.

Happy Customer Experience

Software helps brands better engage with their customers. In this way, brands offer a better experience to their customers and increase their loyalty to the brand.

Security and Protection

Software ensures the security of brands’ data. In this way, brands increase their reliability by protecting the information of their customers and business processes.

Dominant Competition

Yazılımlar, markaların rakiplerine karşı rekabet güçlerini artırmalarına yardımcı olur. Bu sayede markalar, daha hızlı, daha etkili ve daha verimli bir şekilde iş yapar ve rakiplerine karşı bir adım önde olur.

Sonuç olarak, yazılım, markaların iş süreçlerini otomatikleştirmelerine, müşteri deneyimlerini geliştirmelerine, veri analizi yapmalarına ve rekabet güçlerini artırmalarına yardımcı olan önemli bir araçtır. Bu nedenle, markaların yazılım yatırımlarını stratejik bir şekilde yapmaları ve bu alanda güncel kalmaları önemlidir.

Silicon Valley of Software in Antalya: Teknokent!

Antalya Teknokent is a structure that supports the development, commercialization and marketing of technological products and services in line with Antalya’s goal of becoming a world-class technology center. Companies within Teknokent increase their competitiveness by offering products and services with technological innovations.

There are many software companies within Antalya Teknokent. These companies operate in areas such as software development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security and mobile application development. Teknokent also supports R&D studies and innovation projects.

Antalya Teknokent supports the execution of R&D projects and the commercialization of technological products and services by providing the infrastructure necessary to develop technology. In addition, business development, marketing, consultancy and training services are provided to companies within Teknokent.

Antalya Teknokent aims to disseminate technology transfer and innovation culture by collaborating with universities and research institutions. In this way, technological products and services developed in Antalya Technocity are used in industry and businesses, contributing to the economic development of the region.

As a result, Antalya Teknokent aims to accelerate technological development and economic development by offering many opportunities and support to companies operating in the field of software and technology in Antalya.


We generally use .Net, JS, React, React Native, Flutter and various web frameworks. We can also use different technologies depending on customer requirements and the characteristics of the project.

We develop various special software such as web-based software, mobile applications, database applications and corporate software specifically for customers’ business needs.

Depending on your business needs and goals, we offer consulting services to determine the most appropriate software solutions. This includes analysis of existing systems, new software recommendations and technology strategies.

We use various testing strategies such as automation tests, user tests, performance tests and security tests. We follow a rigorous testing process to ensure the reliability and quality of the software.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we offer periodic updates and provide technical support to ensure smooth operation of the software. Additionally, we respond quickly when any problems arise.

    • We conduct regular security audits to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. Additionally, we implement the latest technological security measures for the security of the software we develop and provide security consultancy to customers.

Depending on customer requirements, we provide basic and specialized features such as user-friendly interfaces, secure payment integrations, inventory management, order tracking.

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